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Solo show: Convolutions in Clay at The Young Gallery, Salisbury 

Salisbury 05.jpg

The exhibition ran in conjunction with the Salisbury International Arts Festival in 2022

Included in the show were works in clay an on paper, alongside selected works from the Young Gallery collection

Salisbury 015.jpg
Salisbury 020.jpg

Loaned from the Swindon Collection of Modern British Art the painting by Nicholas Horsfield was displayed alongside works which it had inspired.

Salisbury 04_edited.jpg

Two wall installations were inspired by Chinese Clouds depicted on handpainted wallpaper displayed at Arundels Museum in Salisbury. A section of the wallpaper was projected on to the wall; when people walked across the projection the ceramic clouds were revealed.

The "Pride & Joy" series inspired by, and celebrating, a coming out story were displayed together.

Salisbury 017_edited.jpg
Salisbury 09.jpg

All photographs by John Taylor

Ceramic Review Masterclass 

cover small.jpg

The inspiration and techniques behind the Vari Capitelli series are discussed in a Ceramic Review Masterclass feature

 To view the accompanying film click here

All photographs & film shot by Layton Thompson

ITV Creates


Sculpture commissioned for ITV Creates 2019 ident project - to view interview & ident film click here

Still of demo section of interview - all images by Theo Deproost

Two sculptures were made in case of kiln issues - there is a tiny cup in the dot of the "i" to represent the ad break, a domestic detail amidst the drama

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