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Jo's studio practice is based at her home in Wiltshire, UK;  gallery representation is with Vessel London, Rabley Gallery in Marlborough & Culture Object in New York. 

Educational achievements include an MA in Ceramics with distinction (2012), BA in Ceramics (2005) and Professional graduate Certificate in Education (2007) all with Bath Spa University.

Works are held in public collections of organisations including Pallant House, Aberystwyth University, Chippenham Museum, Swindon Museum & Bath Spa University. 

Her teaching practice is freelance and includes delivering residential short courses at West Dean College near Chichester and working with the Pathways to Wellbeing Project at the Holburne Museum, Bath.

With diverse experience of designing and delivering courses since 2005 Jo regularly lectures, provides mentoring and gives demonstrations.

Portrait photo credit: Russell Sach


2023 Awarded Oppenheim-John Downes Trust Award

2022 Awarded Making Waves Ceramics Trust bursary

2021 Awarded Unity Place bursary in conjunction with Zurich Insurance and Ginkgo Projects

2021 Handbuilt Ceramics published by Crowood Press October 2021

2021 Awarded 2 week residency at Marchmont House

2020 Masterclass feature & accompanying film with Ceramic Review issue 305

2020 Awarded Arts Council England Emergency Response funding for project "Home Residency"

2019 Awarded A-N mentoring bursary

2019 Commissioned by ITV Creates to make sculpture for ident broadcast November 2019

2018 Awarded Arts Council England funding for joint project GrowFlowShow

2018 Awarded "Frames of Reference" bursary in conjunction with Ginkgo Projects & Bloor Homes
2018 Winner of Royal British Society of Sculptors J Sheekey Atlantic Bar exhibition opportunity 

2017 Etude ix acquired for the Bath Spa University School of Art & Design art collection 

2016 Shortlisted for Carter Preston Prize, Bluecoat Display, Liverpool; winner People's Favourite

2015 Demonstrator at International Ceramics Festival, Aberystwyth
2015 Synchronous i purchased for Aberystwyth University Ceramics Collection
2014 Shortlisted for the Young Masters Maylis Grand Ceramics Prize
2014 Elected Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors

2012 Graduated with distinction from Masters Degree in Ceramics at Bath Spa University

Artist Statement

Inspired by ornament in architecture, recent works take aspects of the Rococo period as inspiration. This was a unique point in history when artisans were allowed unprecedented artistic freedom, working against formal rules of proportion and symmetry resulting in times when the decorative eclipses the primary structure.

Piranesi's Candelabrum series are another source of inspiration; the constructions combine diverse ancient fragments to create a new work. Piranesi believed in the freedom of designers to draw from a variety of sources to enrich their invention. 

Freedom of creativity and making each work unique is central to Taylor's practice; whilst the works reference the historic the outcomes are contemporary. Techniques are combined (hand building, extrusion, sprigging, potter’s wheel) to create each work, most recently in the form of sculptural vessels. 

Work is fired once, unglazed, in order for the clay to communicate the marks, textures and surface without hindrance. A range of clays are used from porcelain to rough, grogged bodies; clay often has colour mixed through using body stains or sometimes has slip applied. Finished works can be free standing, wall hung or group assembly.

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